1. Your items are adorable!!!! I saw at your etsy shop that you are putting together a collection of patterns. Do you sell patterns? I would be interested in buying some patterns from you, especially the Christmas trees and ducks. Thanks so much!

  2. What a lovely site! I have only just started knitted – though have always loved the whimsical side of the craft – I have a knitted Noah’s Ark, a knitted Nativity and a knitted bassoon amongst other things!
    I am half way through a knitting course and was thrilled to find your blog .. once we’ve learned increasing/decreasing and pattern reading the world will be my knitted oyster!

    I’ve also tracked down the Vogue jacket you’re knitting – I’m hoping I’ll be clever enough to make that for myself soon 🙂

  3. I’m so glad I stumbled upon your blog!! We were fellow bloggers and I had to find you out on Google *hangs head in shame*

    Nevertheless, Im so glad I found you.. Also do clear any knitting related doubts? If you do, can you tell me where to contact you?!

    Thanks a ton, you just saved me a lot of worries!

    • Hi Rocky

      I’m not sure how good I’d be on general knitting related doubts, but I can certainly help you with any issues you’re having with my patterns.

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