Choosing a Yarn Weight for Toys

Hug Monster pattern knitted in Super Bulky and Fingering Weight yarns

All the Natty Knits patterns have a suggested yarn weight and yardage included. But a verstaile toy pattern can be knitted in any weight of yarn. I’ve knitted the Hug Monster pattern in everything from sock yarn to bulky weight. So how do I choose a suggested yarn weight? And what should you look for when deciding on what weight yarn to use?

Keep It Tight. The most important thing about gauge for knitting toys is the tightness of the knit. Knitted toys need to be made of a firm fabric to keep the stuffing on the inside and keep the shape when it’s being played with. Even if a toy has floppy arms and legs, the fabric should be knitted tight. Knit up a swatch gauge and hold it up to the light, you should only see pinpricks of light, if your fabric looks too loose, choose smaller needles.

Who is it For? If the toy is for small hands then I’ll choose a lower weight yarn. But with toys for bigger kids, like the Hug Monster or the Snake Maker it can be big and dramatic.

Tiny Technique. If there’s a lot of complicated technique in the pattern or lots of sewing I’ll usually choose a worsted or DK weight. No-one wants to be fiddling around with short rows in fingering weight. On the flip side, those SSKs don’t look as neat if they’re knitted with super bulky stitches.

More Weight = More Yardage. One of the things I love about knitting toys is being able to knit something up with just one skein of yarn. Remember if you’re knitting a toy in a bulky weight yarn, but the pattern calls for DK, you’re going to need approximately four times as much yarn.

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