I’m designing something new, so there’s a lot of un-knitting, ripping, frogging and unraveling going on. Time to take a break and pass on a quick tip about how to undo some knitting without dropping or twisting stitches.

First, in stockinette stitch. With the front of the work facing. Identify the point in the knitting where things went wrong and count down at least one row below that. Try to avoid rows with decreases, or increases in them if possible. And try to make sure it’s a knit row, otherwise your yarn end will be on the wrong side of the needle.

Starting on the right, pick up the right arm of each V stitch in that row, like this:

Then just unravel back to that point.

Garter stitch is just as easy to do, stretch the fabric to see the rows of V stitches on the right side of the fabric and pick up the right arm of the V.

One thing to look out for is the first stitch on the row. I find I sometimes pick up the correct one, but not always, so I just make sure I know where the live yarn is coming from before I start knitting.

Certainly easier and safer than all those loose stitches from just pulling the work off the needles.

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