Random Factors

Back in 2012 I wrote a knitting pattern for a Random Factor Hat. I still wear the hat all the time, it’s an excellent way to cover bad hair mornings on the school run. Here it is in use.

random hat 1

The structure of the hat is very conventional, the fun part is the random nature of the stripes. The height of each of the stripes was chosen by a random number generator. I’m very interested in randomness and our very human desire to find patterns in everything. When I was knitting this hat, I was tempted to change the numbers to achieve a better balance, of course that’s not the point of a Random Factor Hat. So I let the stripes fall where the numbers dictated and I think it’s a pleasing combination:

random hat 2

Once you accept the power of random factor knitting, you could use it in socks or scarves too. And the best thing about it, is that no-one else will knit one quite the same as yours, because each knitter generates their own random numbers for their own stripes.

Today the lovely people at All Free Knitting have created an ebook called How to Knit a Hat Volume 2. It’s free to download and contains lots of hats by different designers, including the Random Factor Hat. Perhaps the most random thing about all of this, is how little it has to do with knitted toys.

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