I Love Socks

sock innovationFor the last two years I have slowly been working my way through the book Sock Knitting Masterclass. I have made seven of the pairs of socks from that book and although there are still plenty more to try, I decided to move on. I moved on to Sock Innovation by Cookie A.

There are some lovely lace and cable patterns in Sock Innovation, but I also love that the designer has named each of the patterns after one of her friends and she explains how each style reflects a different personality. I’ve just started knitting Angee who likes bright colors and interesting patterns, this doesn’t sound much like me, but I love the pattern just the same and I’m using a good multi-colored yarn (Plymouth Yarn Sockotta – which is no longer available).

I love knitting socks. It means I can knit without designing, I love it when a toy pattern comes together but there are often hours of frustration and hideous unfinished objects before I get to something as cute and popular as this pig. Socks are quick and easy by comparison. I also love wearing the socks I’ve knitted, I’m wearing some right now. It’s very nice to spend some time on something that’s for me, something that doesn’t take as long to knit as a sweater.

I love socks.



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