Gifts for Knitters

My son often wants to buy presents of yarn for his knitting Mum, it’s a noble sentiment, but knitters are notoriously finicky about their favorite yarns and I am no exception. So every year I put together this list of gifts for knitters that I would be happy to receive. As always I look for gifts from indie stores and Etsy makers, it’s just nicer that way.

logoMed A Craftsy Class.

Earlier this year I took a class on Craftsy called How to Sew an A-Line Skirt. Since then I have made four skirts and they all fit me perfectly. The Craftsy classes are a series of online videos that you can watch any time and as often as you wish, there is also a forum attached to each class where you can discuss the content with other students or even the teacher. If you are a knitter who sees knitting as a form of creative education, then this is the gift for you. You can take a series of knitting classes from beginner to brioche or you could branch out into sewing or paper crafts.

knitting row counterKnitting Row Counter by Wychwood Dreams

I actually already have one of these, and very lovely it is too. The beading is tasteful and intricate and the mechanism for row counting is very clever, it’s simply a matter of sliding the counter onto your needle through one hole after another, with a tiny abacus in the big loop for counting multiples of 10. June from Wychwood Dreams makes these to order, so you can pick your color theme too.

yarn whispererThe Yarn Whisperer by Clara Parkes. 

A delightful and funny book of observations on life and knitting. Parkes touches on everything from Fakery to France, through steeks, bobbles and casting on.

This is not an instructional book, (if you want that, you should try The Knitter’s Book of Yarn by the same author), but it is definitely a book with themes that resonate with my knitting self.

bread and badger mugYarn Mug by BreadandBadger.

There are many mugs for knitters in this world. But how many of them are designed, drawn and sandblasted by one small business? All the things I love about browsing on Etsy can be found in this mug. Also it’s tangerine orange, which may be one of the best colors ever. Love.

There are no yarns or patterns on my wishlist this year, I am drowning in a sea of deadlines and design ideas, much as I’d like to increase my sock yarn stash, I know it won’t get used for ages. So if you want to buy yarn for your knitting Mum, let me just recommend your local yarn store, it’s full of friendly and knowledgeable knitters and most likely some locally sourced yarns too.

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