Craft Fair, Community and Custom Orders

craft fair prepFor the last three weeks I have been busily preparing for a small craft fair at my son’s elementary school. Everything is coming together well, I now have signage, a tablecloth, a small Christmas tree and a LOT of knitted toys.

I very rarely do craft fairs. My business is really more about the knitting patterns and helping knitters to create something cute and cuddly for someone they love. Digital knitting patterns do not make a great craft fair display. Of course, this means that many of the other parents at school and even some of my real life friends have no idea that I live a secret knitter life. I thought about this today when I sent out a “Come to the Craft Fair” email to people I know from my community. It felt strange, but good.

I also decided to accept custom orders at the Craft Fair. That means that I will knit anything from one of my patterns, in a custom color, if requested. I now have 27 knitting patterns and I simply didn’t have the time to knit three of everything in time for the fair. That email I sent out to friends and other parents has already generated two custom orders from people who can’t make it to the craft fair.

It’s good to be a crafter in the community. Let’s hope this little craft fair is a success, then we can do it all again next year.


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One response to “Craft Fair, Community and Custom Orders

  1. I am sure the craft fair will be a success! And well done on the custom orders.
    And I know that secret life as a knitter. My first knitting class started in the first week of children going back to school so it was up to me to invite people to come to my class as no one would have had the time to open the booklet about the adult classes in the community. It really felt strange.
    And now two of my fellow mums-then knitting students have even started to follow my blog. And I have only told a few people so far about my new business instead of trying to spread the news as much as I can…

    Anyway, you can be really proud of your creations, so go and show it to everybody! And get lots of new customers 🙂

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