Holiday Craft Fair – Advice to Myself Which May be Useful to Others


Yesterday, I received an email from the PTA at my son’s school asking for crafters to book a table at the school craft fair on November 5th. The school has never had a craft fair before so it’s a completely unknown market. The chances are it will be small and filled with sticky fingered children.

And yet…the cost of the table is really low. Some of them must be knitters right? What if it’s fun? Maybe it’s time the parents and teachers saw what I can do?

Oh alright then.

I’ve had a table (or half) at some Craft Fairs before and never done well from it. This time I’m going to take all my experience and try to get it right. To that end, here is my advice to myself. I hope it will also be useful to you.

1. DISPLAY. Really, this is the most important thing. Previously I’ve neglected display, one time I even forgot to take a table cloth. This time I’m going for a home spun country feel, wicker baskets, undyed muslin tablecloth (well ironed) and wooden book stands.

2. KEEP IT SMALL. The scope can be huge, but there should be plenty of small items. I’m going to knit lots of holiday decorations, owls and baby balls. The more there is under $15, the more I can sell, probably.

3. GIVE THEM SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. Just make sure it’s got your name on it. I’ll print out copies of one of my free patterns and clip a business card to the top. That should do it.

4. TECHNOLOGY IS YOUR FRIEND. I’m planning to sell my digital patterns from an ipad at the table and I’m going to need one of those card readers for a smart phone (of course I will also have to borrow my husband’s smart phone).

5. PRACTICE YOUR CRAFT AT THE TABLE. Thankfully I am a knitter, not a spot welder.

6. SMILE. A school craft fair is no place for a snooty attitude.

Does anyone else have any tried and tested craft fair prep tricks? Please leave a comment, I need all the help I can get.


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