The Ripping Bag

ripping bag

This is the bag I keep under my desk. It contains knitting design ideas that for one reason or another, just don’t work. There’s plenty to see in there…the large sized Holiday Wreath which doesn’t have enough structural integrity; small things made with yarn that’s too fussy; what was supposed to be a pirate and an idea for a knitted smart phone which fails on the counts of color, construction, shape and texture. Everything in this bag will eventually be ripped and recycled, although right now it also serves as a reminder of what not to do.

In my head I often call this “the Bag of Shame”. I usually only show good ideas on this blog, I usually only publish patterns for toys I think are clever or cool. I don’t give you my bad ideas. Instead I hide them in a bag under my desk.

But after a recent run of project ideas that have ended up in the bag, I feel it may be time to not only confess to the bag’s existence, but to really take ownership of all the processes I’ve gone through to discover that some things just don’t work.

To that end, I’m going to change the name of “the Bag of Shame”. I’m going for “The Ripping Bag” as a good non-judgmental, factual description. But I’m also toying with “The Duck Bag”, because Natty Knits may look quite serene on the surface, but underneath, I’m paddling like crazy.


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