Big Owl

big owl1

This is Big Owl. He is nine inches tall and quite a character. He’s knitted in Cascade Yarns Bulky Eco Wool (Natural/Ash). The pattern for this owl has been kicking around in my brain for about two years but I finally knitted one up this week.

Regular readers of this blog will know that it takes me a long time to do anything. Mostly this is a symptom of having too many other things to do. I have a day job, a small business, a six year old, no nanny and no cleaner (Most Mums function like this, that’s because we are all awesome).

Which is why I am surprised that I started working on Big Owl last week and here he is, almost finished except for his eyes, which aren’t sewn on yet.

The secret to my speediness this week is simply a throwback to when I started Natty Knits and my then two year old son was with me all the time. Before he was in school, I would knit while he was napping, or when he was fully engaged in lining matchbox cars up on the carpet, I would knit while I read to him or while he played in the sandbox at the playground. All that time I was knitting up new designs for toys, then usually unraveling them and starting again. This is exactly why I design toys, because they are small and can fit in an over-sized Mum bag.

This week has been the first week of my son’s Summer vacation and once again, I’ve been with him all the time. Of course, he needs a lot less attention now than he did when he was two, but that just means more knitting time. So, this week I was knitting Big Owl while my son perfected his lego pyramid with a windmill on it, while he read to me from a Nate the Great book or while he rode his bike around the playground with a classmate (a classmate who said “are you knitting again?!!”).

The pattern for Big Owl will be tested in the next few weeks and will be available for sale within a month. I may have more time to knit, but pattern making is still something that requires my full concentration.

big owl2

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  1. Whatta cutie! Can’t wait for the pattern!

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