Textured Stripes


It’s Summer and it’s Knit in Public week, so with my usual incredible sense of timing, I’m thinking about ways to knit really big stitches. Super bulky yarn and 10mm needles is an obvious way, but you can also double up chunky weight yarn. Which gave me an interesting idea for knitting textured stripes.

Start with two balls of chunky yarn, hold the ends of each together, so that you have a double the thickness of yarn. Use this doubled up yarn to cast on to 10mm needles. Knit a few rows, be careful to knit both the yarn strands in each stitch.


Now comes the interesting bit.

Switch to a 5mm needle (this is exactly half the diameter of the larger needle you’ve been using so far). In the next row, knit into every strand of yarn with a single strand of yarn. Knit at least two rows like this, then switch to the other strand of yarn if you want to knit more rows.


For the next stripe,  bring back the 10 mm needle and K2tog all along the row using the two yarn strands doubled up.

The effect is a really interesting striped texture. The rows where you transition between different needle sizes look a little funky, but not horrible. I think it would make a fun scarf or even some interesting stripes around the leg of a sock.




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4 responses to “Textured Stripes

  1. That is very cool! How clever. Does the stretch differ? I might have to check it out just to see it in person! Something interesting to knit in public!

    • nattyknitter

      Hi Teresa! As far as I can tell, the stretch doesn’t differ too much, but that may be because I’ve knitted quite narrow stripes. Experiment away!

    • nattyknitter

      The yarn is King Cole Merino Blend Chunky. It comes in a lot of fun colors and it’s soft too. I think it’s an English yarn, but you can get it from deramores.com if you’re outside the UK.

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