Mad Sock

happy sock1

This is a mad sock.

It’s knitted from the Happy-Go-Lucky Boot Socks pattern by Veronik Avery from the Sock Knitting Masterclass book. Regular readers of this blog will know that I am slowly knitting my way through this treasure trove of interesting patterns. Some have blown my mind, some have inspired me but this is the first sock I’ve knitted that I think is a bit unhinged.

Don’t get me wrong, a sock this mad deserves respect. I am lost in admiration for this designer’s adventurous spirit and technical proficiency.

Let’s start with the colors, I am terrible with color, I can’t tell what color goes with another color, and when people say “there’s more green than yellow in that blue”, I have no idea what that means. Avery’s original color choices for this sock are much less strident than mine, leading to a much more subtle difference between the two colors in the stripes and diamonds. However, there are still stripes and diamonds in the same sock. And get this, the diamonds are just stripes knitted with a pattern of slipped stitches (as you would normally do in a reinforced heel).

I think my favorite part of this sock is the “baby cable” pattern in the cuff and the heel, cleverly created by making a right or left leaning decrease without losing both stitches.

happy sock2

I’ve only knitted one of these mad marvels so far, but the other is already on my needles and when I have finished it I’m going to see if I can use this cool color technique to make a sock with a band of chevrons around the leg.



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2 responses to “Mad Sock

  1. Gunhild S. Furuhaug

    I’m knitting these socks now, but I’m having trouble with the heel flap. I’m about to start on it, but I cannot figure out the pattern from the description in the Sock knitting master class book. I’ve googled it, and that led me to you:) Do you have any tips or pictures of the knitting of the heel flap, or know about some sites/videos that could be helpful?
    I’m sorry to bother you with this, but I really would like to finish these socks, and I’m starting to get a bit desperate 😉

    Best regards

    Gunhild SF
    Oslo, Norway

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