Winter Flowers – Free Pattern Hints and Tips


Winter Flowers is a new free Natty Knits pattern, you can find it on the sidebar to the right of this blog.

I chose the name Winter Flowers because these blooms are woolly and robust, they are knitted in sock yarn, which makes them durable too. The flowers are 2.5″ in diameter and have an inner and outer layer which are knitted separately. They are perfect little adornments for bags, hats and other accessories. You can also add a pin to the back of a flower and turn it into a brooch.

Here are some hints and tips to help you get the best from your pattern.

Yarn Suggestions

Any sock yarn will do for these flowers, but it’s better to use a heather or solid color as a striped yarn is going to look a little strange. Then again, strange might be just what you want! I love Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn because of all the great solid color choices and it’s affordable too.

More About Short Row Shaping

The Winter Flowers pattern uses a technique called short row shaping. A short row is made when you turn your knitting before the end of a row. This means that some sections of your work will have more rows than others. The sections with more rows will arch, creating a three-dimensional shape. Each time you turn your knitting before the end of a row you create a loop of yarn under a stitch and a small hole in the fabric. So, when you knit back over a stitch that has a loop under it, you must knit into the loop at the same time as the stitch above it to close the hole. There’s a special blog post about short row shaping, with lots of photos just here.

Short rows in stockinette stitch can be tricky, if you find you have an uneven finish on your flowers, try adjusting the tension of the work before you sew it together.

Thinking Sideways

Winter Flowers are knitted sideways, which means that you won’t see a petal shape until you’ve knitted enough so that your knitting will start to fold back on itself. When it does, it will look like this:

petal in progress

Fake Grafting

To seam the cast on and bind off edges of the back of the body, use fake grafting. Lay one stockinette stitch piece above the other. Notice how each stitch forms a V shape. You make the seam by sewing Vs between the top and bottom pieces.

Sew from back to front through the middle of a V in the bottom piece. Then sew behind both arms of the corresponding V in the top piece and then from front to back into the original V.

Pull the yarn gently until your two stitches form a sewn V that matches the size of the knitted Vs.



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4 responses to “Winter Flowers – Free Pattern Hints and Tips

  1. Love the flower. Great explanations too.

  2. Thanks for the pattern!

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  4. I love the winter flowers design, I will certainly try to do a few of these in different colours.

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