Dear Ravelry…

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…you are my hero. One little website with absolutely the best database of patterns and yarns in the world. I bet you’re glad cloud computing was invented because now you can move that data farm out of the spare room. Of course when I say “little” I mean ENORMOUS. I hear you just hit three million registered users. That’s epic. It doesn’t seem so long ago that we were celebrating one million users.

Now, we haven’t always seen eye to eye. Remember that tweet you sent me saying that Ravelry wasn’t “supposed to be difficult”? But let’s face it, your interfaces are much better now, I like that new step-by-step thing when you add a pattern, oh and the photos in threads, that’s better too.

I spent a long time with you earlier, adding all the socks I’ve knitted to my projects folder. And I found myself thinking about exactly how awesome you are Ravelry. So awesome, that I made a list…

One…You bring knitters together. We might be a solitary lot when we’re focused on a tricky lace pattern, but knitters are human too. We like a good gossip or a cause and there you are Ravelry, introducing us all, across the globe. In fact you have introduced me to countless knitters,  testers, a technical editor who changed the way I thought and other designers who have all helped me enormously along the way.

Two…That pattern database is a designer’s dream. Just this morning I looked up a design idea and it wasn’t in the Ravelry database, so that’s my next project. No designer wants to go where everyone else has gone before.

Three…Which brings me to your protections for designers. You make sure that your pattern database is clean, you don’t stand for plagiarism, you shut that right down. If someone does decide to copy my shark pattern and say they made it up, you will be there with your army of sharp-eyed, keen-brained volunteer editors, being the arbiters of community justice, with pointy sticks.

Four…And you have such reasonable rates, maybe it’s because you don’t have a hipster HQ in Brooklyn to support. When I pay my Ravelry invoice, I always marvel at how you keep this thing going for such a tiny price.

Ravelry, I salute you. Keep up the good work.

(For those of you who don’t know, is a free website for knitter’s and crocheters. It has forums and databases of patterns and yarns, it allows each knitter to keep track of their own patterns, yarns or projects if they wish and link them to a central database. Look, just click on the link, you’ll thank me for it.)


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3 responses to “Dear Ravelry…

  1. A fan of Ravelry I am! While I haven’t tried the selling or advertising on Ravelry, it’s on my list to explore. Hat’s off to Ravelry!

  2. I think I crossed over from ‘person who knits’ to ‘obsessive knitter’ the minute I found ravelry.
    It is the best.
    My favourite part is all the searching options. Being able to search berets by sport weight with 150 yards is an absolute lifesaver sometimes.

  3. I LOVE Ravelry. I didn’t want to join (when you still had to wait to be asked) for a long time but I’m so glad I finally did. A wonderful online place. 🙂

    Yarn Lover’s contest now on at:

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