The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Pyjama Case

mouse and owlWhatever happened to the pyjama case?

For those of you unfamiliar with 1970s domestic trappings, a pyjama case was a mid sized stuffed animal with no stuffing and a small opening in it’s back. Instead of stuffing, this unfortunate creature would hold a child’s pyjamas during the day. Normally the pyjama case sat on the end of the bed, with other stuffed animals, secretly guarding the pyjamas until after teeth brushing time. As a child I remember two pyjama cases, one was Bagpuss (my favourite tv show when I was 5) and the other was a wobbly headed donkey.

Obviously, this is a very old fashioned concept. I know that my little boy’s pyjamas are usually kept on his bed and occasionally, under his pillow. I’m sure that’s true for most of his contemporaries too. These days, the pyjama case is not the sort of item you’d find in the Pottery Barn Kids catalogue.

Why did it wane in popularity? Was it too creepy, to pull the innards out of a soft toy and then wear them to bed? Was it too kitsch or fussy? Was it too unnecessary?

Mmm, creepy, kitsch and unnecessary? Sounds like a job for Natty Knits!

I have this unfinished large owl pattern, shown in the photo above. It’s a large-ish owl, but I want to make it larger, use bulky yarn and really show off those garter stitch bumps. An owl that large would use a lot of  stuffing…unless I made it into a pyjama case.

I searched the database for knitted pajama cases and it yielded less than one page of results. The best one was this great Cat Pyjama Case by Zoe Mellor. So maybe there’s a gap in the market, or maybe it’s just a bad idea.

And so I turn to you, knitters of the internet. Do you miss pyjama cases? Have you even heard of them? Should I push this idea into an experiment or should I walk away and avert my eyes?

Meanwhile I have other (secret) projects to work on, but there’ll always be a special place in my heart for the pyjama case.

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  1. I made a furry bunny when I was a kid in 4-H with stuffed head and a zipper in the body to hold pajamas. For the last 15 or so years, it had been stuffed with a towel and sat on the guest bed. At Christmas last year, I asked my nephew if he thought is 6 yr old daughter would like it. Unfortunately, I don’t know if she uses it or not. I thought it was a great idea – even tho I never used it myself after I made it. What’s old is new again!

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