In Which I Knit My First Pair of Toe Up Socks and My Mind is Blown

pussy willow 1Regular readers of this blog will know that between designing and knitting small Natty Knits creations, I am on a sock knitting journey. It started a year ago with the book Sock Knitting Masterclass. I spent a year on top down designs and I now have a personalized basic top down sock pattern in my head. My next step was to knit some toe up socks. I chose the pattern Pussy Willow Stockings by Cat Bordhi and Regia Extra Twist Merino in Dschungel Spray.

The cast on was difficult, but I got it on the second attempt. As with most knitting, it’s just a case of muscle memory. I use long tail cast on all the time, so my fingers would not behave for a cast on that was similar but fundamentally different. I loved shaping the moccasin toe, it’s very elegant. I also loved using my favorite kind of short rows in the heel. I actually had a bit of a chuckle when I got to the last row of the heel. I had just finished the Whale pattern and there was a tricky stitch in the tail that was hard to describe, Cat Bordhi describes almost exactly the same stitch in this pattern! I am pleased to report that we went with similar wording.

The instep shaping was made with yarn over increases, which leave a pretty line of lace holes winding up the sock. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see them in my photos, but here’s a close up:

pussy willow 2

It’s a completely ingenious design and really focuses on the construction of the sock shape rather than the augmentation of an established sock shape. Cat Bodhi could have made this pattern top down with a lace motif, instead she chose to go off piste and make something new.

Was my execution of these socks perfect? No it wasn’t. I made the foot half an inch too long, which makes them a little irritating to wear. And a less green yarn would have shown off the lace holes better. But these are some of my favorite socks I’ve knitted so far, they are mind expanding socks.

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  1. Really nice! Cat has some amazing patterns 🙂

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