The Continuing Appeal of the (Finished) Knit Chick

eggwins wide shot

When I first opened the Natty Knits Etsy shop, the first thing I listed were some small knitted birds. I called them Eggwins, because they were egg shaped and funny looking. Eventually, I worked out that the cute name was making it difficult for shoppers to find my knitted chicks, so I renamed them Knit Chicks. They were part of the Natty Knits logo for a long time and I have now knitted so many of them, that I’ve lost count.

I’ve knitted Knit Chicks in big batches for a wedding in Vietnam and for a baby mobile here in America. They were sold on consignment in a few San Francisco stores around Easter 2009 and every time I list Knit Chicks in the Etsy shop, they sell to someone, somewhere in the world.

This year, I have less time to knit, so I am concentrating on knitting up new designs and the occasional pair of socks. Right now, there is only one pink Knit Chick in the Etsy shop. She seems a bit lonely.

A week ago, someone volunteered to test knit a pattern for me and she showed me photos of a Knit Chick she’d knitted before. It’s nice to know that someone else is knitting my Knit Chicks Pattern. I would like to encourage more Knit Chick knitting, so the new 3 Pattern Deal in the Etsy shop includes the Knit Chick, the Heart with Wings and the Mouse.

When I first made Knit Chicks, my then two year old son liked to line them up, take them for a walk and then tuck them up in bed. A few weeks ago, my now six year old son made a Lego house with a flip top roof for his Knit Chicks. That’s the continuing appeal of the Knit Chick.


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