Fat Fairies

I’m currently putting the finishing touches to a knitting pattern for Tiny Santa and Christmas Fairy. These little figures are only two or three inches high, depending on the weight of yarn used. They are intended to be Christmas tree decorations, but you could also stuff them into Christmas stockings.

Back in 2010, I started work on a design idea for a fairy, but abandoned it when I realised that my fairy was turning out just like every other knitted doll and I was uncomfortable about how thin she would be. This time I started with a rough sketch of that idea from 2010, as you can see from the photo of my design book above, she didn’t last long and was soon scribbled out and replaced with a flutter of fat fairies.

Once I was happy with the fairy shape, the rest of the design fell into place really easily. My original construction ideas were not entirely useful. For example, my fairy doesn’t have “hair like an upside down hedgehog”. But she does look very happy, jolly and Christmas-y.

The fairy shown here is knitted in Vanna’s Glamour fingering weight craft yarn, it’s acrylic with a metallic thread running through it and gives this fairy some extra sparkle. The final pattern will recommend baby DK or sport weight yarn, because at fingering weight, she’s a little fiddly to knit.

I’m just working out a few issues with her hair and knitting up a version for Knit Picks. The patterns for both Tiny Santa and the Christmas Fairy will be available to buy on October 29th.

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