I Heart Halloween

My son has his first day of Kindergarten today. It’s a big deal for him and probably an even bigger deal for me. It also marks the cultural beginning of Autumn, so I am distracting myself by thinking about Halloween.

I love American Halloween. I love the dressing up, I love how childish it is, I love how it brings communities together and I love chocolate. So it’s no surprise that I’m happily re-knitting my Halloween patterns and filling the Natty Knits Etsy shop with spooky woolly things. There are new Pumpkin Heads, Ghosts, Monsters, Mice, Owls and Spiders and there will be more spiders over the next few weeks, as they are always very popular.

If you want to knit your own Halloween decorations there’s a new 3 Pattern Deal featuring the knitting patterns for the Pumpkin Head, Ghost and Spider. These are all easy patterns, mostly knitted flat on straight needles with small amounts of knitting in the round for the spider legs and pumpkin stalk. As always there are no wires or inserts in any of the patterns. It’s all done with the power of yarn. The spooky power of yarn…


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