Pattern Price Change

From August 1 2012, all single Natty Knits patterns will be $3 each. The Hedgehog Family pattern will stay at $4 and the ebook Around the Barnyard will now cost $15.  3 pattern deals (like the one pictured above) will now be $7. The prices will change on Etsy, Knit Picks and Ravelry.

I thought it was fair to warn my loyal blog readers and I’d like to explain why I decided it was time for a change.

Natty Knits patterns have previously been under priced, compared to patterns by other knitted toy designers. I wanted to establish myself as a trustworthy designer before I priced my own work in the same bracket as my heroes, Susan B Anderson, Rebecca Danger or Cheezombie. I have now sold thousands of knitting patterns, I get great feedback everyday and one of my patterns is about to be in a real print magazine. I am a real life, actual, professional knitting pattern designer and the new prices reflect this.

There is another practical reason for the price change. Etsy has a new Direct Checkout service which allows customers to pay by credit card on Etsy, without using Paypal. This is a great idea and one I would love to offer in the Natty Knits shop. However the fees for this new check out system are not designed for small transactions, the pattern price change will allow me to more easily absorb the extra Etsy fees.

Thank you for knitting Natty Knits patterns! Now get over to the shop and stock up before Wednesday!


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  1. Raven

    Way to go Natty Knits

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