Neon Flash Socks – Quick Free Knitting Pattern

I’d like to start with a disclaimer. This is not a sock pattern. At least, it’s not a full sock pattern. But it is a motif that could be used to great effect on a sock.

Look at this poor sad gray sock, it may be practical, but it’s a little dull:

But wait, what is this? Funkily stacked boxes? In super bright colors? I think this sock wearer may be a secret party animal!

I love squares and I love intarsia colorwork. Intarsia in the round is a hideous headache of many loose ends or of changing the direction of knitting. The motif on these socks is designed to get that funky color effect with the minimum number of ends. Here’s how it looks in full:

A Note About The Yarn

These socks were knitted in Knit Picks Stroll yarn. The main color is Ash and the two contrasting colors came from one ball of Stroll Multi in Sorbet. Because there is more than one solid color in a ball of Stroll Multi, I was able to cut lengths of each color from the main ball. Unfortunately, Sorbet is no longer an available color. I would recommend substituting Felici Self Striping yarn, Afternoon, Peachy or Tiki all have good bright colors.

Where to Place the Motif

That’s up to you, (I warned you this wasn’t a full sock pattern.) I placed the motif on the side of the leg, 2 stitches after where the heel flap would be made. The motif is flipped on the other sock and oriented to be on the opposite side, so that the socks are symmetrical. But it could also go down the front or the back. The motif also repeats, the last square is the same size and in the same position as the first square, so you could knit it into a long sock too.

Chart for the Motif

Please note, that even though you are knitting top down, the chart still starts in the bottom right corner. X = contrasting color 1 and O = contrasting color 2.

Easy Intarsia Squares

Cut a long length of contrasting yarn for the square. The length will depend on which size of square you are knitting, but remember that it’s better to have too long a piece of yarn than too short a piece. Attach the contrasting yarn to the main color yarn in the middle of the contrasting piece. Each side of a square is just one end of this same strand of contrasting color yarn brought down from the row above. Before you knit a stitch for the side of one of the squares bring the contrasting color under the main color, knit one stitch then bring the main color over the contrasting color.


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