Knitting in Public

Next week (June 9 to 15) is “Knit in Public” week. As you can see, I am a big fan of knitting on the go. I have just returned from a three week vacation in England. It was not a vacation from knitting (who would want such a thing?). I saw lots of friends and family all over the country and I knitted everywhere I went. I knitted socks on planes and trains, I knitted an owl in Manchester and I even knitted some cables in the cutting room at Dege & Skinner on Saville Row in London.

I was last in England four years ago. People can change a lot in four years and apparently I have undergone a knit fueled metamorphosis. There are plenty of my friends and family who understand that I’m a knitter, that it’s a creative outlet, that it’s my business and that it’s my focus. Some of them are very supportive and were amongst my first customers. But some find it hard to believe.  Before I re-learned to knit, about 6 years ago,  I was either in a band or in the pub. I can understand how my friends from that time might find the idea of me as a knitter a bit confusing. Whilst I was in England, one of them urged me to write a novel, because “you’ve got the time”. I explained that, no, I don’t have the time, I have a successful small business. I even gave him some figures, then he conceded “it pays more than rock n roll”.

Even my grandmother had a hard time understanding my transformation from “party girl” to “knitter”, I showed her some patterns on the internet and explained about my love of short rows (of course she knows what short rows are, she’s my Nan!). Whilst we talked I got an email from the editor of Knit Now magazine, to tell me that one of my patterns will be in the magazine in October. This is big news for me, it’s my first magazine commission and something I’ve been working towards for a while. Knit Now is based in England, just 15 miles from where we were sitting. Suddenly my Nan got it, “I’ve got some of those at home” she said.

I’m definitely knitting in public now.


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