This is my brain on hedgehogs

The Hedgehog Family knitting pattern is now available in the Natty Knits Etsy shop, on Ravelry and from Thursday it will be part of the Knit Picks Independent Designers Program.

This pattern was the first I ever submitted to a knitting magazine. It was rejected because I neglected to add one short sentence to my proposal. “This pattern can be easily resized.” I had a very encouraging email conversation with the magazine editor, she said they were looking for a pattern for a whole family of small creatures and because I’d only submitted one hedgehog, the pattern was regretfully rejected.

The mood boards had only mentioned the “family” of toys in passing, but there had been a more detailed discussion about this in the Ravelry forums. Now I know to check that resource before making any submissions. I will certainly be thinking of ways to turn a pattern idea into more than one pattern. The magazine editors have to fit in a certain number of patterns into an issue and they have limited space, a pattern in multiple sizes, with multiple accessories or with multiple design options seems to fit their needs best.

The Hedgehog pattern went from concept to complete object in just under a week. Of course it then needed to be refined, tested and resized, which took me a lot longer. During that week I knitted dozens of hedgehogs which were not quite right, some of them are in the photo above. It goes to show how fast I can knit if you give me a deadline I’m eager to make.

I have vague ideas for other magazine submissions, let’s hope I can knit them up as quickly.


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