Extreme Decreasing

I love to knit in three dimensions and knit around corners, those of you who are familiar with my knitting patterns will know that I use short row shaping a lot, especially in garter stitch. Recently, my toy patterns have used more stockinette stitch, so I’ve been working with more traditional increases and decreases.

I used to I struggle with left leaning decreases, my SSKs were an embarrassment and although a P2tog in an adjacent row might work in sweater design, toys often need to be more precisely balanced. I got over my fear of SSKs by knitting socks. I just needed more practice.

Last week I found myself in need of a very sharp decrease, a K3tog on one side of a stitch and an SSSK on the other (yes that’s three slipped stitches). I was very worried, so I spent some time experimenting with a few different options. You can see the results in the photo of the swatch above, the first attempt is at the bottom of the swatch.

Firstly, I tried slipping all three of the stitches knitwise, but that seemed very clumsy. Next I tried slipping the first two stitches knitwise and the last one purlwise, this definitely improved the bulkiness of the stitch. Finally, I tried purling into the back of the stitch made by the SSSK, this also made a minor improvement.

Luckily, there is only one SSSK in the knitting pattern I’m writing and it will probably be right underneath where the eyes go. Or maybe it’s just a question of more practice. Does anyone know any sock patterns with lots of SSSKs?


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