Or I Could Knit It For You

I’ve just finished knitting a custom order for eight little birds in four nests. They are going to Vietnam for a wedding. A few months ago I knitted alpaca felted baby balls for a one year old’s birthday party favors. At Christmas I knitted six owls for a friend to turn into a nursery mobile. And I knit a lot of sharks on demand.

Orders come from people who can’t knit, or who think they can’t knit, they usually come through the Natty Knits Etsy shop, although I have had people contact me directly.

Even though the focus of my business is knitting patterns and helping people learn how to knit around corners, I still I love knitting custom orders.

A custom order often comes with a twist, a different color combination or size which will often open my eyes to new possibilities. It’s also great for me to go back to my old patterns and find how well they’ve stood the test of time. And there are always great stories with custom orders, like the Mum who cried when she got the nursery mobile or the shark who went to Germany to become Miss June in a calendar!

So if you want something Natty Knits, but you don’t want to knit it, please ask, I’m sure we can help each other out.


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  1. What a cute design! I wonder how they will incorporate it into the wedding?

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