If You Go Down to the Woods Today

I’m currently designing a series of knitted woodland creatures. There’s a Mouse, a family of Hedgehogs, a large Mother Owl and a Fox. The Mouse pattern will be available next week. The pattern testers have taken some pretty cute photos of the Mice they’ve knitted. So I thought I’d share those and some previews of what’s next from Natty Knits.

A house for a mouse (or two). This adorable couple were knitted by “cmuralidhara” from Ravelry whilst she was testing the Mouse pattern.

Another adorable mouse couple, this time knitted by me in Knit Picks Stroll Sock yarn in Ash and Cork.

I’ve set this mouse up with a chalkboard placard so he can send a message for you. By the end of the day there will be a few of these in the Etsy shop and they’ll come with these chalkable signs. Imagine what else they could say. Everything from “I love you” to “Go Team!”.

This snow bound mouse was knitted by “thirteen” from Ravelry in Malabrigo sock yarn. He’s so cold he’s turned blue!

And last but not least, a first look at the Hedgehog family. Still in the prototype stage, but you get the idea.



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4 responses to “If You Go Down to the Woods Today

  1. darciad

    Too cute! Everyone needs a mouse in their house!

  2. Oh those mice are too cute! Hedgehogs, too. So clever.

  3. Those hedgehogs are so adorable!

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