A Heart Without Wings

Some extra hints and tips for a modified version of the Natty Knits Wings of Love pattern.

Early in 2010 I published a pattern for a knitted heart with wings. At the time I dismissed the idea of a wingless heart because I couldn’t get it to work exactly as I wanted it to. I came back to the heart pattern last month, because I wanted to knit some as Christmas tree decorations. I discovered that with a few small changes, you can convert the Wings of Love pattern to a simple heart.

The pattern calls for the heart to be knitted in DK weight yarn, but if you want a wingless heart you’ll need a tighter gauge. Use a Sport weight yarn and 2.5mm needles (there is no corresponding US needle size, but if you don’t have 2.5mm, try a US size 2, which is equivalent to 2.25mm).

Knit the heart exactly as it says in the pattern, obviously don’t knit the wings.

Use the BO tail to sew up one side of the heart using garter mattress stitch. There are loops on both sides, formed by the first and last knitted stitches in a row. Sew through the edge loops, working back and forth between the sides. When you have made a few stitches, gently pull the sewing yarn tight. The garter stitch loops are meshed together by the sewing yarn to create an invisible garter stitch seam. it looks like this:

When you have only four more loops to sew together before the top of the heart seam, sew through the loops in sequence to make a rounder finish to the top of the heart:

Pull the yarn to gather, then sew back inside the heart to secure. Use the CO tail to sew the seam at the bottom edge of the heart and then repeat the steps above for the opposite side seam.



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2 responses to “A Heart Without Wings

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  2. Those would be cute hung upon a garland – just in time for Valentines Day!

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