Quick Lace Cowl Pattern

Quick Lace Cowl (and my freckled chin)

Quick Lace Cowl (and my freckled chin)

I recently went on a quest to find sparkly yarn, one of my favorite finds was a hand painted alpaca/merino/acrylic mix made by hpkyllc.com. Originally, I made an owl from this yarn, but then realized that it could be so much more. The yarn inspired me to design and make a cowl. I used a simple lace pattern to keep it light and warm. I’ve pretty much been wearing it ever since.

It’s such a simple pattern that I thought I’d just add it straight to the blog, rather than as a download (like the ones on the right). As usual, if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help.

Stitch Pattern Close Up


Aprox 140 yds Worsted yarn (something a little fluffy)

US size 11 straight needles

Tapestry Needle for sewing up


4 rows and 3 sts is 1″ in stockinette stitch


Approx 9″ wide and 24″ long

To Knit Cowl

CO 31 sts

Row 1 – K1, yfwd, K2tog tbl, repeat to last st, K1

Row 2 – P1, yrn, P2tog, repeat to last st, P1

Repeat rows 1 and 2 until the cowl is long enough (for me, this was 88 rows)


Sew the CO and BO edge together


BO – Bind Off

CO – Cast On

K – Knit

K2tog – Knit two stitches together

P – Purl

P2tog – Purl two stitches together

St(s) – Stitches

Tbl – through the back loop

Yfwd – bring the yarn to the front of the work as if to purl

Yrn – loop the yarn round the needle anti-clockwise

Copyright Clare Doornbos 2011


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3 responses to “Quick Lace Cowl Pattern

  1. Tracey

    Love your cowl. Can you please explain “yrn” very carefully. I’ve looked online for other directions and am still not getting it. Thanks! I have some beautiful yarn with sequins and think it would be perfect for this project if I could just get that stitch down.

    • nattyknitter

      Hi Tracey!

      Let’s see if I can clarify. You make a yrn in a purl row so your working yarn is forward. Loop that yarn anticlockwise around your right needle, start by taking the yarn to the right, then round behind the back of the needle and finally between the needles, so it’s back in the front again. You’re making a stitch with a plain and simple loop. Another way to think of it is like making a purl stitch without putting your right needle into a stitch on the left needle, the working yarn is going in the same direction as it would if you were making a purl stitch.

      I hope this helps. Let me know how you get on.


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