Custom Inspiration

I spent the Thanksgiving weekend knitting up two custom orders. One of the orders was for four owls and a knit chick. The customer had very specific colors in mind as she is making a mobile for a new baby’s nursery and she wanted the owls to match the color scheme. The other custom order is still in progress. I’m pretty sure it’s a surprise gift for Christmas so I can’t be too specific, but it does involve me reworking one of my existing patterns.

There are so many things to love about working on a custom order. Which is why I always try to accept a custom knitting job.

It’s good to form a working relationship with the person who will give my creation a home. Often I find that custom orders come from friends, I suppose that’s because they feel the most comfortable asking me to knit something unusual. But I’ve also worked with strangers on the other side of the world who had very specific requirements. I’m a one woman business so it’s nice to have someone to talk to and exchange ideas with.

The best thing about knitting a custom order is the inspiration. The Skull and Crossbones cushion cover (pictured above), is my most popular free knitting pattern. The design concept came from a friend who commissioned me to make it. She was very specific about color, yarn and made several edits to the design itself. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have designed that pattern without her.

The custom order I’m working on now is inspiring in a different way, just a small change in perspective to help me to breathe new life into a pattern. I’m now very happy with that pattern and can’t wait to share it!

So if you want a pig with wings, three owls knitted in yak wool or a purple shark, I’ll be happy to be inspired by you.



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2 responses to “Custom Inspiration

  1. Julie Antao

    I would like to havethe actual pattern for a scarf with skull and crossbones. Can u help?

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