A Book and Some Bargains

My first knitting pattern eBook “Around the Barnyard” is now available in the Natty Knits Etsy shop and will soon be available as a Knit Picks eBook download.

Around the Barnyard contains six farm animal knitting patterns Sheep, Pig, Cow, Duck, Mother Hen and Baby Chick. The Baby Chick pattern will only be published in Around the Barnyard and won’t be available separately.

Normally when I publish a new pattern, there are a series of hints and tips on this blog to accompany it, but not this time. The eBook stands alone, it has a four page introduction, full of useful information about short row shaping, sewing and gauge. You really could just print it out and knit from it on the bus.

I’m excited and relieved that this book is finally available. Writing “Around the Barnyard” was complicated, to say the least, but now that it’s finished, I am very proud of my first book.

I think it’s already a bargain at $11, but I’m also offering a 20% off to Facebook Fans until the end of the month. The coupon code is over on the Natty Knits Facebook page.

And if you’re in a bargain hunting frame of mind, there is a Holiday sale coming up in the Etsy store. 10% off everything (including the finished toys) between Thanksgiving Day and November 28th. Just use the coupon code HOLIDAY10 at the checkout.


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  1. Congrats! Your book looks great!

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