Handmade Decorations

For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about Christmas decorations. I’ve been knitting up some of my patterns as tree ornaments and I’ve found that the Christmas Tree, Owl and Wings of Love patterns make great Christmas ornaments. So, from tomorrow those three patterns will be in a special offer bundle in the Etsy shop.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been looking up from my needles for inspiration and made some (not all wooly) holiday decorations.

Paper Source has some cool Kraft Box ornaments, that would be great to decoupage. I can only find the star shaped ones online, but there are round ones, twisty ones and plaques in the stores.

I love these tiny Origami Lucky Stars and they’re easy to make too. I just had enough sparkly paper left over to make a small string of three stars.

I punched out a lot of shapes for my Christmas cards this year, so I had lots of perfect circles and stars to play with. I laid one of the circles flat and used double sided tape on half of one side, then I lined another circle up with the first one, stuck them together and folded over the unstuck side. Then I used double sided tape on the folded over flap and lined up another circle and stuck it down. I kept doing this until I had eight circles stuck together. It’s a surprisingly simple and effective way to turn a circle into a ball. I bet it would look great made of sparkly paper.

Felt ornaments, have a lovely shabby chic feel and they’re a great way to use up scraps and odd buttons. I went to Better Homes and Gardens for some inspiration and came away with a free pattern for the Ice Skate Ornaments. They are completely adorable and my favorite non-knitted seasonal creation so far. One will go on my tree and the other two will go on Christmas cards.

In case you think I’ve forgotten about knitting, here are my pattern picks for Christmas decorations. These Ho Ho Ho Christmas Ornaments by Mary Triplett really make me laugh. And the Little Cotton Rabbits mini stockings are technically fascinating, they’re knitted flat, but in one piece, so the heel turn makes your head spin. They’re also very cute and an addictive knit.

Of course, some of the best handmade Christmas ornaments are made by our kids or grandkids. Last year my son brought home an angel made of a painted upturned plant pot with pink feather bower hair and cardboard wings. I’ll never throw it away, although when he’s 16 years old he might object to me using it as a centerpiece for the Christmas dinner table.

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