A Higher Profile Week

This week, one of my Angora Mini Monsters was on the front page of Etsy. This is a pretty big deal. I’ve been selling patterns and knitted toys on Etsy for two and a half years and this is the second time part of my inventory has hit the front page. This front page was curated by inmyigloo a super cool vintage seller and team captain of the TreasuryTreeTeam. Of course this only stayed on the front page for half an hour, but it still caused a considerable bump in hearts and sales.

Another bump came earlier in the week when one of my baby balls featured in the Etsy Finds email about stripes. As a result I’ve now sold all of my alpaca felted baby balls. This was quite a milestone as I won’t be making any more balls, as I’m now focused on knitting pattern design instead of actual knitting.  I had a few emails asking whether the pattern for the balls is available and the answer is yes. Just on the right of this blog entry are two free patterns for knitted balls, one round with 10 stripes and one American football shaped and they’re free!

And finally, I’ve just been interviewed by littlegrayfox for her excellently entertaining blog. I was surprised to find that I sounded so eccentric. But maybe that’s how I always sound. The interview is here let me know if you think I sound like a crazy person.



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2 responses to “A Higher Profile Week

  1. Congrats on all the attention! The interview is very good – I don’t think you sound any crazier than any other 24/7 crafty business person. It would sure be simpler to flip burgers and leave all thoughts (and scents) of your job behind with a quick shower. Ahhh, but we don’t!

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