“Owls are so now”

I’ve recently heard many people discussing the fashion forward owl and four days ago, someone finally suggested that I knit a feathered friend. “Could you knit an owl?” she asked, innocently unaware that my brain would immediately start designing.

Of course I have other things to do, the cow pattern is almost finished, I just need to knit up one final sample, then send the pattern to the Tech Editor. I’ve got to write two new patterns for an e-book, the dinosaur pattern is undergoing a major rethink and I should make my annual Sales Tax payment by the end of the month.

But suddenly it was all about owls.

I managed to design and knit an owl (in three yarn sizes) in just under four days. It would have been less, except my four year old spotted that I’d been lazy about the wings “they’re not symmetrical, this one wants to go up and this one stays down”, you can’t argue with a four year old about toy design, so I took his comments on board and made a change to the pattern.

There are 81 knitted owl patterns on Ravelry. I’m unsure whether I should add another. Although they are very cute.



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3 responses to ““Owls are so now”

  1. Super cute! Owls are everywhere 🙂

  2. Amber

    Eep! I love these guys!

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