Feature Feature or How to Make Cow Eyes

My knitted cow design is almost ready for testing and although I’ve yet to knit one and finish it in the colours I’d like. I’m confident that she looks great, stands up and is not too difficult to knit.

I’ve taken a little time to work on the felt features for the cow.  Those long cow eyelashes and small round nostrils were something I really wanted to get right. So here’s how to make cow eyes (and nostrils):

1. Go to your button stash and find a small round button that is just the size you want your cow eyes to be. Some people would stop here and just sew on some button eyes. It’s definitely easier to do this than to make felt features. But on the flip side, if you want a child friendly toy then felt is a preferred option because it’s soft and difficult to choke on.

2. Using a pencil, draw around the button on some plain paper.

3. Cut out the circle and use it as a template to cut two eyes from black felt. I prefer to use eco-felt, which is made from plastic and not wool. The eco-felt is washable and it holds it’s shape better under duress. Once again, I think that makes it more child friendly.

4. Using the same circle template cut out one circle from brown felt.

5. Cut the brown felt circle in half and cut a fringe into the straight side of the semicircle. Around four or five cuts will be enough.

6. For the nostrils, cut small circles from black felt using a 1/4 inch hole punch. When I bought my Fiskars punch I was told that it wouldn’t cut through fabric, but it manages occasional use as a felt punch very well

7. Position the felt features onto the face and hold them in place with a single pin. This helps you decide exactly where the features will go and it holds the felt in place while you sew it.

8. Sew the felt on using a matching (or contrasting) colour of yarn. Take a short length of the yarn and gently pull the strands apart. Use only 2 strands of yarn to sew with, this prevents the stitches from looking too bulky without cutting into the felt like cotton thread would.

9. Sew the eyelashes on top of the eye, only around the curved edge.

So now you have a pattern for the cows eyes, I just need to write up the rest of it, the slightly harder knitted part. It shouldn’t take too long.



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3 responses to “Feature Feature or How to Make Cow Eyes

  1. The eye lashes make the cow! Great idea. She’s very cow-looking!

  2. I love your cow!!! And I love her eyes!! 🙂 Great work!

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