Fanfare Please! I’ve Finished Knitting the Cardigan

And here it is.

It’s from the pattern Hooded Jacket in Winter 2010 edition of Vogue Knitting Magazine, designed by Debbie Bliss. I substituted the suggested yarn for Berocco Vintage in Cracked Pepper and then to get gauge I changed the needle size to 5mm. I only made one small change to the pattern, I picked up the sts across the back of the neck rather than just casting on and then sewing together.

It was a great pattern, although it’s taken me a very long time to knit it.

Here’s What I Like About It

  • It’s finished. Two months is two long for me to work on one thing, I was very antsy about it towards the end.
  • That yarn was lovely to work with, it’s really soft and washable. Excellent combination.
  • It fits. Yes, it’s a bit slouchy but I’ve been wearing it wrapped over with a belt and that makes it look much tidier.
  • The cowl hood. It makes me feel a bit Obi Wan.

Here’s What I Don’t Like About It

  • The Summer is really kicking into gear here in California so I probably won’t get to wear it much before next winter.
  • It’s quite bulky and so not very flattering. Sometimes warm is better than pretty though.
  • That seam up the back of the hood is probably unnecessary, If I was to knit it again (and I won’t be knitting it again) I would change that sewn seam to a 3 needle bind off, it would probably look neater.

So what’s next? I’ve already gone back to working on designing the Round Cow. Knit Picks are waiting for me to send them a version of my Round Pig Pattern. And then there’s that cunning hat design. And the UFO, monster truck, frog, tractor, skull, Christmas fairy…



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4 responses to “Fanfare Please! I’ve Finished Knitting the Cardigan

  1. katiepiatt

    Yay – well done! I like it. Can you not train someone else in your family to operate a camera though… ;-}

    • nattyknitter

      Cheeky! I could train someone, but imagine the time that would take? No, far better to take a photo that’s slightly blurry with an unmade bed in the background. Hmm, I think you can really tell that I’m glad to be finished with this project 🙂

  2. I didn’t even notice the unmade bed! And I have taken pix of myself, too, for my blog – a pain, but not as painful as waiting for my DH to take a photo.
    That is a great sweater – I LOVE it on you – nice and comfy, but dressed up with a belt. Too bad you are into warm weather. I think I would be so proud, I would wear it anyway!

  3. juliabird

    oo nice hair.

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