Good. But Not Pattern Good.

I’m still working on that hooded cardigan I wrote about last week. I’ve now knitted 2 sleeves and I’m half way through the back. But just because I’m on a design break, doesn’t mean I’m completely on a break. So yesterday I decided to update my Etsy shop.

I looked through my boxes of finished toys. There were a lot of things in there that I’d forgotten about. It made me realise how much I edit my design ideas before I’m willing to make them into patterns. For example, those fish in the photo above. They’re really cute and really clever, designing those fish helped me to develop the technique used in the shark pattern. But I don’t feel that I need to write up and sell the pattern for the fish, because there are so many other great fish patterns available. Like Cheezombie’s Angel Fish or Hansi Singh’s Deep Sea Angler Fish or Cassidy Clark’s Clown Fish. Aren’t they brilliant?

Other times I knit up lots of different directions for a design idea and see what looks best. The Hug Monster pattern, started off as a design idea for small felted angora monsters with feet, horns, tails or arms. Like these little creatures:

In the end, the arms were the most popular hug monster trait (I actually made lots of mini angora hug monsters with just arms and little round bodies that sold to friends). Those horns are very clever, especially as they’re knitted without using wire to make them curl. And maybe one day I’ll use the same concept in something else. But the hug monster is great as he is. Sometimes, less is more.

And so, these little creations are now in the Natty Knits Etsy shop, but the patterns won’t be. That’s not to say that the techniques and ideas won’t get used in another pattern one day. After all, they’re good, just not pattern good.

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