The Zen of Sleeves

The Natty Knitter is having a design break. That shark was a long project and it wore me out (thankfully it’s easier to knit than to write out the pattern for). So I turned to Vogue Knitting magazine (Winter 2010) and chose a nice simple garter stitch hoodie. I’m knitting it in Gray Berocco Vintage which is considerably cheaper and more washable than the recommended yarn. Also, when I finally get to wear it, I’ll remember to put my trousers on, unlike the missy in the photo.

I am quite a slow knitter, I don’t allow mistakes to go uncorrected and I often get distracted by other things. This means that so far I’ve only knitted 1.5 sleeves. It is a pleasure to use knitting for meditation again. No counting stitches or even rows, just knitting great flat swathes of garter stitch. Ahhhhh.

But sometimes, whilst I’m in that zen zone I find that I’m secretly designing something in my head. I’m confident that I now have the bare bones of the construction for some exciting new projects, including a UFO, dinosaur and a very cunning hat (not entirely Firefly related).

Now all I need to do is keep knitting the hoodie and not get too excited by my ideas. I suppose that should be my mantra during my next zen knitting moments. “Finish the cardi. Finish the cardi…oooh what about a monster truck?…Finish the cardi. Finish the cardi”.



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2 responses to “The Zen of Sleeves

  1. Your wee football sparked a hankering for knitting monsters, for me (and the first was your Hug Monster, of course). I find it soothing to knit something where if I make an error, it can easily be a monstery design feature. I am getting back to design again, but will probably work on one non-Otterwise project along side to provide a break from needing the focus and perfection writing a pattern demands :-}
    I may have to get that issue, that hoodie looks like it might even fit me!

  2. No pants! I would not have noticed had you not pointed it out. Maybe she was so excited to show off the hoodie she forgot? Or maybe she is knitting a skirt and still has it on the needles? I too like the zen of simple mindless knitting! Please show us the hoodie when you finish. It looks like it will be lovely.

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