New Cow Moo Cow

The Shark pattern is with the technical editor, the Baby’s First Football pattern is with the testers, what’s a Natty Knitter to do, but design something new?

Obviously this isn’t the whole cow, just her head, I will work on the eyes so she looks more mellow and less surprised and the final version will probably be brown with cream coloured horns. But it’s a very promising start.

And here’s some cow trivia I’ve learned whilst looking at photos of cows this weekend. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just bulls that have horns. It depends on the breed of cattle. White Park, Texas Long Horn and Danish Red cows all have horns.

Meanwhile, the Baby’s First Football pattern will be available for free on this blog on the weekend of February 12th.



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3 responses to “New Cow Moo Cow

  1. Can’t wait for the finished Moo Cow – I like cows but not so keen walking in the same field they are in. We go country walking alot and sometimes the footpaths cross through cow fields and my OH has a terrible time persuading me to walk past them!

  2. nattyknitter

    Thanks Sara

    I wanted to make something more docile than a shark, looking at all those photos of sharks was really starting to disturb me. You don’t get many killer cows.

  3. Loved test-knitting the football.
    You are inspiring me to design some toys!

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