Superbowl Test Knit Challenge

Superbowl Sunday is almost upon us and I have the perfect knitting pattern to accompany the big game.

Baby’s First Football is a toy I designed a few years ago, but I never got round to testing and publishing it because it’s such an easy knit. Recently someone found a photo of one of the footballs and contacted me to ask if I had the pattern available, so I shined it up a bit and sent it out to the knitter. But the pattern has still not been properly tested.

Can you help me out? Can you knit this ball up over the Superbowl weekend? Can you spot any mistakes in the pattern?

What will you need? If you want to volunteer here’s what you’ll need:

Approximately 20 yards of orange Double Knitting yarn
Approximately 2 yards of white Double Knitting yarn for laces embroidery
US size 3 (3 ¼ mm) straight needles or size needed to obtain gauge
Polyester fiberfill
Tapestry needle

What’s in it for you? Well apart from having my gratitude, a well themed knit for the Superbowl and getting that warm and fuzzy feeling from helping out a fellow knitter. Anyone who sends me a photo of the finished ball and their comments on the pattern by midnight PT on Monday Feb 7th can then claim any one of my $2 Natty Knits patterns for free. I’ll just send it to you in an email and no money will need to change hands.

When the pattern is fully tested I’ll make it available on this blog as one of the free patterns on the right.

Are you up for the Superbowl Test Knit Challenge? Leave a comment on this blog post with a way I can contact you and I’ll send you the draft pattern.


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5 responses to “Superbowl Test Knit Challenge

  1. I’d love to! I have a grand nephew who would love to have one, too :-}

  2. Donna

    OMG, I can’t believe this! I have two great nephews expected in the spring, and I wanted to knit them tiny footballs! This is wonderful that I came upon your request to test knit your football. Please email me the pattern and I will whip it up today or tomorrow!

    • nattyknitter

      That’s great Donna. I’ll send it your way.

      We now have 3 testers for the Superbowl Test Knit Challenge. Anyone else?

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