Foil, Photos and the FO

I’m working on two patterns at the moment. One is a new edition of the Hug Monster pattern, which will hopefully soon be available as part of the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program. The other is for the Shark, which still needs a few tweaks, but should still be ready some time in February.

As always the factor holding me back is the photography. I usually manage to get some good photos in the end, but it takes time and when the weather is overcast all I can do is wait for sunlight. So I was very pleased to learn some tips from the Etsy Success Team whilst I twiddle my thumbs. I was particularly taken with the idea of using a homemade reflector made from cardboard and aluminium foil. I made one and it really worked. In the photo above, the light is coming from a window on the right of the shot, but the shadows are balanced due to the reflector on the left. Still it’s not quite bright enough and I need some bigger background card.

The shark photos will give me even more trouble because the silver gray shark will need light without getting washed out. In the meantime here are two fighting sharks, being spurred on by a 4 year old.

If only I could use this picture in the pattern…not quite enough detail though.


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