Wings of Love – Hints and Tips

The Wings of Love pattern is finally finished and is available in the Natty Knits Etsy shop

A Note on Gauge

When knitting toys I always use needles that are a mm size smaller than  recommended for the yarn. You don’t have to get the gauge exactly right but at least knit up some garter stitch using smaller than usual needles, until you get a fabric that you can only see pinpricks of light through.

Yarn Suggestions

This pattern is part of the Knit Picks Independent Designers Programme, so obviously you should use Swish DK, Carnation and White or Serrano and Cornmeal are both good color combinations. I’ve also knitted these hearts in sparkly craft yarns and just in random leftover yarns too.

More About Closing the Holes

The Wings of Love pattern uses a technique called Short Row Shaping. This involves turning the knitting around before you’ve knitted to the end of the row, so making the knitted fabric 3 dimensional. However, when you turn the knitting, you leave a small hole. There’s a special blog post on how to close the holes and get a smoother finish just here.


There is almost no sewing in this pattern and it is all a weaving stitch, the photo appears in the pattern, but it can be a tricky method. Remember not to pull too tightly on the stitches and don’t worry if it doesn’t match up properly the first time, some of the stitches at the end of the row are often squashed together which makes it difficult to see where the needle goes next. I’ve written a blog post all about this weaving stitch and you can read that here.

Hearts Without Wings

It is very easy to knit wingless hearts using this pattern, there’s another blog entry about how to do that, here.

And Finally

Here’s some suggestions for what to do with these hearts

– use them for decorations at Valentine’s Day or at Christmas. I hung one on our Christmas tree this year.

– give it a smiley face, like my testers did and give it to a special friend

– take a photo of it in your favorite place and tell me where you left your heart

If you have any questions or comments which are not covered either in the pattern or here, please contact me through the NattyKnits Etsy shop and I’ll do my best to help you.


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