In Which I Discover That I Do Not Like Sharks

I’m still working on that pesky shark. It turns out that sharks are a bit more than just “glorified worms”. They are creatures of many parts and each part is giving me a headache.

But the most difficult part about creating a knitted shark design is having to look at photos of sharks to see what they look like. They look mean and scary and scarred and bloody. They are not like the “fish are friends not food” sharks in Finding Nemo.

And so whilst I calculate fin proportions and how to splay that tail out more, I’ll also be dreaming about knitting a giraffe. A nice peaceful, elegant, vegetarian giraffe.



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3 responses to “In Which I Discover That I Do Not Like Sharks

  1. Who says your shark has to be proportioned like the real thing? I think a friendly ‘Nemo’ cartoon shark is just what the yarn calls for!

    • nattyknitter

      Oh Teresa, now you’ve opened a can of worms in my head over whether the shark should be more cartoon like. I mean I can’t make one mean shark and one fluffy shark, it’s just too many shark patterns for one person. Folks might think it was an obsession, or something.

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