Sewing Together the Top and Bottom of Garter Stitch

One of the more difficult parts of my Natty Knits patterns is the sewing together of the top and bottom of a garter stitch piece. I had a knitter ask me about it earlier today and I thought it would be useful to share my answer.

Sewing together the top and bottom of garter stitch is not a common practice, which is perhaps why I have yet to find an “accepted” method of doing it. This is my method, at it’s most simple it involves weaving in and out of the bumps made by the garter stitch.

Take a look at the photo above. The stitches at the bottom of the photo are cast off stitches, see how the cast off edge rolls a little toward you on the left hand side particularly. Don’t get confused by that edge, it will be tucked into the seam. The stitches at the top of the photo are cast on stitches see how they’re quite tight and it’s sometimes difficult to see the individual stitches. The formation you’re looking for there is 2 stitches right on the edge with another stitch making a bridge between them.

Follow the arrows in the above photo with the sewing yarn, weaving through the stitches and disguising the seam by laying the yarn over the bumps or bridges between the stitches, so don’t pull the yarn tight or it will just be a mess.

There is a slightly dirty secret about how the seam lines up, you will always be shifting the top and bottom edge by one stitch. But it should only be one stitch and it should be easily absorbed into the gathering at the edges. If you’re having trouble with the lining up you need to look out for the very tight cast on stitches at one end and remember to sew into those too.

That’s how I make this tricky seam, but I’d love to know if there are any other methods out there.



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3 responses to “Sewing Together the Top and Bottom of Garter Stitch

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  2. Lynne

    Thank you so much! That is very helpful and easy to understand. I have been searching for this instruction for a long time and this is the first place where I have seen it.

  3. Yes! These are the best instructions I’ve found for seaming horizontal garter stitch. Thank you!!!!

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