Getting My Ducks in a Row

For the last few weeks I’ve been working on the pattern for a small round duck.

As I always do, I started out by knitting whatever I thought would work and then refined the pattern.

But this time, the refinements were not so refined. Every new change I made seemed to get me further away from my original design concept and although I’ve continued in my investigations on beak shape, wing type and head technique I’ve always come back to my original ideas. This does not happen very often and is less to do with my abilities as a designer and more to do with the huge amount of time I spent thinking about this design before I even started it.

Now I just need to knit up one more duck in currently available yarns, take a few more photos for the pattern and it will be ready for testing.



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2 responses to “Getting My Ducks in a Row

  1. Judy

    I love what you’ve done so far with the mallard ducks! Let me know when the pattern is available, please.

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