Mod Squad

Modifying or “Mod” -ing a knitting pattern is a common practice. Whether you’ve made a mistake and then make some changes to cover your tracks, or you modify sweater patterns to fit your unique body shape. Mods and knitting are a perfect match. In fact I’ve only ever knitted exactly to a pattern once!

The Natty Knits patterns have been around for quite a few years now and people are starting to knit them up with their own modifications. I asked a few of these knitters for permission to show you what they’ve done.

I’ve always said that the Pumpkin Head pattern was really versatile, if you change the number of sections you knit, you can change the size of the pumpkin. Rebecca is an inventive knitter, she went one step further and changed the number of stitches she cast on. She also changed some of the finishing methods:

I cast on with waste yarn and then switched to orange. Then I grafted the stitches together which looks better than the seam on the previous pumpkin.

and the stem looks cute too, here’s how she did it:

I picked up stitches around the top hole and knitted in the round while decreasing down to about 6 sts. Then I stitched to i-cord until I had enough to tie in a knot.

I found Charlotte’s mod through the Ravelry forums.

It’s based on the Two Seam Cube Pattern that’s free on this blog. Charlotte fitted her Knitted Wrapping Paper over a small gift box, so that it doesn’t even need the two seams. As she says:

The bottom and sides are the pattern but the top I just made up as one piece – I reckon I could do it without seams next time!

She’s right of course, the two seams are in the original pattern to strengthen the cube along the top and bottom diagonals, otherwise it becomes an elongated diamond. However, if you’re building the knitting around a firm structure you can make a seamless cube.

A lot of the modifications of my patterns come about whilst the patterns are being tested. Genevra was testing the Round Pig pattern for me and I was admiring her seaming on the pig’s ears, she explained to me how it was done.

I cast off on the knit side but in a purl cast-off. That way the edge rolled to the purl side making it easier to keep inside the ear. It also helps the ear stand up nicely.

In the end I included it in the pattern, Genevra tells me that she picked the technique up from“Knitting in Plain English” by Maggie Righetti.

The Gift Card Patches look great when they’re knitted using the technique of double sided knitting. Thanks to Jody for that great idea, she said she used them as tree decorations.

I love these mods, I love that knitters are so creative and resourceful. If you’re knitting up one of my patterns and you made a mod, I’d love to hear from you.


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2 responses to “Mod Squad

  1. Very inventive! Lots of talent in your knitters. Love the pumpkin stem.

  2. nattyknitter

    Aren’t they clever. Excellent Mod Skills.

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