Cable Jam

Musicians jam by playing with other musicians and bouncing ideas off one another. Knitters probably do this too, but as I’m not a part of any knitter’s group at the moment, the best I can manage is this.

This strange looking potentially infinite piece of knitting is a knit jam around the concept of cabling. Cables are little twists made in the middle of the fabric, at their simplest they make a rope like design running top to bottom through the knitting. At they’re most complex they make honeycomb like designs over the whole fabric.

I’ve experimented a little bit with cabling before, but I never got really inspired. However, knitting up the Gentleman’s Polo really started me thinking about the potential to knit pictures using cables. I admit I didn’t embark on this jam entirely on my own, I also borrowed a book from the library called Cables Untangled by Melissa Leapman which has taught me a lot about cable charts.

As always, there are still some things I’d like to try, but this piece alone contains two very interesting ideas, which I’d like to develop further.

The yarn I used for this endeavor is Knit Picks Swish worsted, which I just had lying around because I’d been knitting up samples for Knit Picks. There are now two of my patterns on their website Pumpkin Head and Christmas Tree. And they’re 1c cheaper there than anywhere else.

And what about the sweater that’s the source of this inspiration? It’s looking very good thanks, about two thirds finished:


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