And relax…

I’ve been furiously knitting samples for deadlines and anxiously awaiting news from the lovely testers who are testing the Round Pig Pattern. It’s Summer holiday time from preschool so my knitting time is rare and precious. I have all these design ideas and I’m thinking about pulling together a submissions database and then there’s the Etsy shop and did I mention I have no time and…

And then something snapped. Time for a change pace.

I needed to knit something a little different and one look at the short arms on my son’s favourite sweater made the decision for me.

I would knit a sweater from someone else’s pattern! In the spirit of “viva la differance” it should also contain techniques I rarely use, like knitting in the round or cabling. I started to trawl Ravelry for that perfect pattern and I found it.

The pattern is called Gentleman’s Polo by the extremely talented Kate Oates, also known as Tot Toppers on Etsy. As you can see from the photo above it uses both knitting in the round and cables. I’m very pleased to say that the pattern is a delight to knit and I’m very excited about the seamless construction method.

And the yarn? Well, “Go Big or Go Home” say I. Yes I could have bought some Knit Picks yarn to make this project but I had so many questions; what sort of give do you need for cabling? What’s the washability like? Is it itchy if you’re a 4 year old boy? So I went to the cavern of perpetual fiber delights that is Imagiknit in San Francisco, where all my questions were answered and I walked away with the very expensive, but very beautiful Rowan Wool Cotton. Now that is some fancy yarn.

And so, as I drift into the meditative trance of long round rows and clever cables I find myself thinking of even more toy design ideas, but I’ll just make a note of them later. Ahhhhh.

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  1. Love the colour of that yarn! I’m sure he’ll love it. 🙂

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