Socially Responsible Knit Design

My latest design inspiration is The Nutcracker. My son loves the music and he likes to jump around and be a dancer. It put me in mind of Christmas and fairies. I can’t tell you much about the construction and I can only show you a partial photo of the first fairy’s twinkle toes because I think this idea is really good and I might submit it to a knitting magazine (they prefer original designs to be brand new and not all over the interweb for months previously).

In making this design I have found myself asking difficult questions. Dolls come with complicated social responsibilities which rabbits and birds do not. Fairies in particular have long limbs, fancy frocks and delicate wings, otherwise how would we know they are fairies?

I believe very strongly that dolls shouldn’t look all white, all size 10, all plastic and all over made up. But avoiding this in the design of a doll is harder than you would think. So how am I going to do it?

All White…this is easy, I’ll be making different designs so they can all have subtle skin tone differences. And they will be subtle too.

All size 10…can I make a pattern flexible enough that I can create a healthy and extra healthy version without making the heads enormous? I don’t know, but this is important to me, so I’m certainly going to try.

All over made up…my dolls will not be wearing warpaint of any kind, although there’s a thin line between eyelashes and mascara when you’re working in black yarn.

All plastic…they’re not plastic, they’re woolly.

And what about a boy fairy? Do they have boy fairies? Or is that a silly question?

It may be time to go back to Round Pig for a while for a change of pace.


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