Free Pattern. Two Seam Cube – Hints and Tips

There’s a new free knitting pattern on the nattyknitter blog, just click on the link in the right hand sidebar. The pattern is for a small block or cube and it only has 2 sewn seams. These hints and tips should help you to get the most out of the pattern.

A Note on Gauge

When knitting toys I always use needles that are a mm size smaller than that recommended for the yarn. You don’t have to get the gauge exactly right but at least knit up some garter stitch using smaller than usual needles, until you get a fabric that you can only see pinpricks of light through.

Yarn Suggestion

You’ll need a robust DK without much stretch in it, either cotton or a superwash merino should be good and they’re both washable too. I used Knit Picks Swish DK.

Needle Suggestion

If you can, knit the cube with a set of 5 double pointed needles. This way you can have one needle per side and you won’t get a row of uneven stitches in the middle of a side.

How to Pick Up Stitches

The stitches we’re picking up are right at the top (or bottom) of the work, they look like a sideways stockinette stitch. Like this:

When you have the right side facing, push the needle front to back and straight through the middle (as shown in photo above). Loop the yarn around the needle and pull the loop through.

When you have the wrong side facing, push the needle front to back (from your perspective) under the inner loop and out through the middle. Loop the yarn around the needle and pull the loop through.

Then turn the work and knit back across, starting with the stitch you just picked up.

Sewing Together Garter Stitch

When sewing up the diagonal seams on the cube, there is no set way to knit the top and bottom of garter stitch fabric, at least not one I can find. So here’s what I use.  The basic method involves weaving the yarn in and out so that it goes directly over the existing stitches in the knitting. Here’s a diagram:

sewing together

If you have any other questions please contact me through the blog or on where my user name is Natty-Knits and I’ll try my best to help you out.

Happy Knitting.



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5 responses to “Free Pattern. Two Seam Cube – Hints and Tips

  1. Great pattern! I enjoyed knitting it!

    When I make baby blocks, I always put a bell inside – the babies love it!

  2. PJ

    I can’t find the pattern!!

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