As you can see I managed to finish the “Knitted Icon” pattern for Godzilla. It’s not one of my patterns, it was designed by Carol Meldrum. And the Ravelry folks are right, it’s a huge pain in the bum. The charts are not symmetrical, the pattern for the legs has a wrong stitch count, even the pattern for the fin on the back is missing a row. And there are no making up instructions, except for random cryptic stitch markings. It’s a bad pattern.

Having said that he’s a real hit with my son, who has been using him to stomp all over everything today and has generously changed this Icon’s name to Stomposaurus.



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5 responses to “Stomposaurus

  1. Julia

    haha – he is excellent! stomp stomp stomp.

  2. nattyknitter

    Don’t you start! “Stomp, Stomp, Stomp” is all I’ve heard all morning 🙂

  3. Now honestly, did you pose the little upside down car and scattered bricks or is that your son’s efforts? He is excellent though despite your criticisms, I know 2 little guys who’d be delighted to have one (make that two) of those…

    • nattyknitter

      The destruction was truly the work of a small boy, although I had to replace “Stompy” because he was resting on the sofa.

  4. Abby

    Love the Stomposaurus, but if he dares to stomp on any traffic jams I may make in the future chez nous, oh boy will there be trouble!

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